comfort characters

meatwad (athf), all spacecataz characters (athf), boxy brown (athf), avgn (avgn), bubs (hsr), strong bad (hsr), coach z (hsr), frylock (athf), marshie (hsr), master shake (athf), pom pom (hsr), bad luck bootsy (board james), strong mad (hsr), all of limozeen (hsr), lightbulb (ii), paper (ii), donut (tpot), mephone4s (ii), fries (tpot), puffball (tpot), announcer (bfb)

before you follow

dm me if im following someone bad or i forget to tag something
i swear and use all caps untagged
sb to unfollow
im critical of all of my interests

do not interact

fit the basic criteria, support mspec lesbians/gays, support cringe culture, pro-shipper, nsfw account, fujoshi, exclusionist, support anyone in the dsmp (moots/if i follow first exempt)


a secret kinlist!! hi there!!!

mc pee pants (athf), err (athf), what's her face (hsr), tompkins (hsr), the cheat (hsr), homsar (hsr), larry palaroncini (hsr), homeschool winner (hsr), reynold (hsr), nebulon (hsr), yellow face (tpot), oj (ii), paintbrush (ii)